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Thursday, January 20, 2011

They Say Never Regret, But How Could I Not

Im sorry for what I did to you
I said Im sorry
I sat there and let you believe I loved you
I didnt
I didnt at all and I knew it
I took your heart and I crushed it
I went behind your back and did things you still dont even know about
I hate myself for it
I did it
I did it all the same
Im sorry for that
I regret it now
I regret it now that it has happened to me
I know this is what you want to hear
I know it is because these are the same words I wish would come out of his mouth
I am sorry
I now am thankful for you
I am thankful for you in a way that I should have been when we were together
I know you still hate me
I dont blame you
I still hate the one who did this to me
I just want you to know
I want you to know that I would change it
I wouldnt hurt you
I was in denial all this time
I am sorry
I am sorry and that is all
I miss you

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