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Friday, January 14, 2011

LIfe or Death

So in my massive amount of boredom today waiting for my friend
I did something a tad out of character
I wrote a list of things I want to do before I die
of course this list will change
only additions ideally but here it goes

1. Go to a major worldwide sporting event : World Cup, Olympics, ect...
2. Have a Huge party and invite every single person I know and see who shows up
3. Have my portrait painted
4. Make an original work of art
5. Learn to speak a foreign language and use it
6. Go Skinny dipping in the Agean Sea
7. Be an Extra in a film
8. Write down the story of my life in great detail leaving nothing out
9. Own a home looking onto the ocean
10. Brew my own beer
11. Experience Octoberfest in Germany
12. Learn how to take a compliment gracefully
13. Get in the car and just drive until I am lost
14. Get on a plane and just go without warning
15. Buy a house for my mother
16. Buy a dozen roses for my grandmother and tell her I love her
17. Forgive my father
18. Keep in touch with my sisters
19. Write a love letter and send it in a bottle
20. Plant a garden and keep up with it
21. Live in the middle of a large city
22. Live in the country
23. Learn to speak my mind, gracefully
24. Write a fan letter
25. Wait tables for nearly a year of my life
26. Run a marathon or participate in a triathalon
27. Learn to ski or snowboard
28. Trace my family back as far as I can
29. Go to the top of the Statue of Liberty
30. Give to charity and don't take the credit
31. Donate to a school and have your name on something
32. Go hunting and eat what I catch
33. Visit the Holy Land
34. Visit a Concentration Camp
35. Go up an Escalator facing down
36. Go to Vegas and loose it all
37. Teach someone to read
38. Spend the night in a haunted house
39. Own a timeless and expensive piece of jewelry
40. Learn to play the piano
41. Learn to read music
42. Visit every state at least once
43. Live in Mexico for a year
44. Walk up to a man and ask him on a date
45. Kiss a stranger
46. Visit Every Continent
50. Learn to SAMBA
51. Be in a play
52. Take a class after I retire
53. Drive the entire Autobahn
54. Spend Christmas in Australia
55. Buy and Old home remodel it and give it to a needy family
56. Build my own house how I want it
57. Go spelunking
58. Visit the Great Barrier Reef
59. Get my diving license
60. Get my racing license
61. Race a very fast car
62. Get in a fighter Jet and break the sound barrier

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