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Thursday, January 27, 2011

To Hell I Went, and All I Got was This Broken Heart

Our time is over 
Thank God for that 
Oh you sure did teach me a lesson 
Oh how i learned it too 
I guess this world aint so beautiful 
Cuz damn boy u are UGLY
and how the sight of you I loathe
I toss you into the sun and you hide 
I would too if my heart looked like yours
Be gone you horrendous thing
I have learned my lesson one too many times 
and now I will throw you to the dogs 
throw you to the dogs like a rejected serving 
I reject you 
and this time don't come back 
Cuz what we had was an illusion
It may have felt like heaven 
But the demons inside you hid so well
and hell is not where i shall reside
too hot of a place 
too much of a waste 
you were a waste

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