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Thursday, November 11, 2010

"Tears are the words that the heart cant express"

Not the Best of days today ...
Things from my past are coming back to haunt me
and now I sit on edge
Why is all I can ask
and emptiness is all I will get in return
It seems to be a moving cycle
Ups and Downs
You love me
and then you act like u cant stand the thought of me
Then do tell me why you keep coming back around
And I wish I could have said no before
But you have turned me
Turned me into a different person
Callous to everything that I once loved
How can I trust after what you did
And how do you expect me to even speak to you again
I wont
I'm not putting myself through that again
I'm over you and your immature games
I'm over you and your arrogant attitude
Grow Up!
You don't know everything
You aren't a God
But the thing that I want to tell you the most is
I'm done with you
I'm done with the way u make me feel
I'm done with the constant back and forth
I'm done with you pushing me down
U broke me
U hurt me
made me cry
and now I have nothing in me anymore
No energy to try again
No energy to feel again

If only I could say that I wish the best for you
But I don't
Because its pointless
You will end up cold and heartless
More than you already are now
You will end up Alone
Eventually they will all realize you are a hopeless mess
Seriously fucked up in the head
And your looks will fade and then what will you have
Nothing but your Psych books and your trendy clothing
So no I don't wish you the best
Because it will never happen
You wont let it happen
So I say to you
And this time for good!

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